Get Started: Register with Energy Auction House

It's simple; everything to sign up is on your monthly energy bill.


How It Works


  1. Have your energy bills handy and register with EAH using the Register link.
  2. Schedule

  3. If you know what you want and are ready to schedule your auction click the schedule button and choose a convenient day and time using our scheduler. If you wish to have an EAH advisor reach out to you to determine your best procurement strategy click the Contact Me link.
  4. Preparation

  5. Once your auction is scheduled EAH will hand pick the best suppliers based on your requirements. We will send the suppliers your information and they will prepare their pricing.
  6. Auction Time

  7. At auction time, you, your EAH advisor, and the suppliers wishing to bid log in to the EAH auction website. As the auction begins the suppliers will enter their pricing offers. The suppliers can see what their competitors are bidding and have the opportunity to make a lower offer. This drives down prices as suppliers reduce their margin to win your business. You watch the bids being entered and watch as prices drop.
  8. End of Auction

  9. At the end of the auction all of the offers will be shown from lowest to highest. You may choose any offer. If you are not sure your EAH advisor is there to help. There is no obligation. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any offers you may schedule another auction or walk away.
  10. Choose an Offer

  11. If you find an offer you like you click on the offer to accept it and the contract will be emailed to you for signature. Our in house legal team will help you review the contract to be sure it meets your expectations.

Still have questions? Contact Us!